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If you order Raising Rabbits to Survive TODAY (my ebook about learning how to raise meat rabbits for those with any level of experience raising rabbits — or none at all) you will receive FIVE bonus ebooks. Three of these ebooks have never before been offered for sale. But if you are truly interested to learn about raising meat rabbits right now, this package contains everything you need to get started.

Rabbits Are Some of the Easiest Livestock to Raise

Did you ever decide you wanted to start raising your own small livestock like chickens, geese or goats but a little research brought you to the conclusion that it was too difficult, costly and time consuming? I’m here to tell you that I’ve done all the research for you about raising meat rabbits and I know you will not disappointed by just how easy it is.

Food prices are constantly climbing skyward and the production chain seems to be getting worse; but YOU can control all of that by raising your own meat and other food at home.

Raising Rabbits to Survive is the ultimate reference guide for raising meat rabbits. Years of experience and know-how have been condensed into SEVEN fact-filled chapters which lay it all out there. When I started raising meat rabbits, there were very few places I could consult for information. Expensive manuals told me too much and were primarily focused on breeders of house pets or show rabbits. They didn’t understand my meat breeder mentality. So I created the ebook Raising Rabbits to Survive with YOU in mind.

Raising rabbits for meat

What Raising Rabbits to Survive will teach you:
  • What equipment you need to get started
    Cages, nesting boxes, feeders and more. Know exactly what you need before you get started, how much it is going to cost you and what you can make yourself to keep more money in your own pocket
  • How to select the right breed & where to get rabbits
    Learn about 19 common rabbits breeds for meat, which breed will suit your family best, how many rabbits to start out with and where to buy them
  • What health problems your rabbits might develop & how to treat them
    Guide of symptoms, treatment and prevention for the most common rabbit diseases
  • Rabbit feeding basics & how to make your own organic feed
    Understand what is needed from your feed to create the best line of breeding rabbits and find out what it takes to grow all your own rabbit food in your own backyard, allowing you completely control of everything that touches your rabbit’s lips and your own
  • How, when & where to mate your rabbits and when to rebreed
    Learn to look for signs that your does are ready, keep from breeding too early or too often and create the best breeding matches
  • How to prepare for a new litter & what to do if something goes wrong
    Provide the right environment for kits to be born in, keep your doe healthy during and after pregnancy and when to wean the young
  • When to cull your current breeders & select replacement breeders
    Tips for establishing whether current breeders need to be culled and how to select the best rabbits to take their place in the herd
  • How to dispatch rabbits, dress the carcass and preserve the skin
    Make the process as simple, straight forward and humane as possible and learn to take the rabbit from cage to freezer with less than 10 minutes of work

Learn all this and MORE in 81 detail packed pages for just $29.97!! No fluff, no filler – just the facts!

Click on the shopping cart button below to purchase the ebook Raising Rabbits to Survive. After your payment is complete, you will INSTANTLY have access to the ebook, and ALL the bonus materials.

raising meat rabbitsThe 60-Day Money Back Guarantee:

You may have never raised anything in your life but Raising Rabbits to Survive, will provide you with all the information you need in order to get started raising meat rabbits wherever you live. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with Raising Rabbits to Survive just contact us within 60 days and we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked.

But WAIT, there’s more!
Also included in my Raising Rabbits to Survive eBook is:

  • The complete start-up costs worksheet
    Buy everything you need to start raising rabbits for about $700 – or learn what you can build yourself and spend less than $400 to get started!
  • The perfect yearly breeding schedule
    With only two does and one buck, you and your family can eat rabbit once a week for an entire year. Our breeding schedules show you when to start, when to expect kits and when to rebreed.
  • A easy-to-follow kit weaning schedule
    Weaning kits gradually from their mother is not only better for the doe but also better for your feed situation. The less feed you need to give bunnies, the more money you save.
  • Easy to read quick reference chart of safe & unsafe food for your rabbits
    Never worry if something you feed your rabbit is going to make it sick or worse – this handy little chart will ensure you know what will keep your rabbits thriving
    PLUS an extra 8-page listing of even more plants, herbs, branches, fruits, vegetables and more that you can your rabbits from your own backyard.
  • Printable breeding hutch cards/journal records for does and bucks
    Keeping good records is essential when you are raising meat rabbits. Use our cards to keep track of all your vital bunny info so you can grow better, bigger and healthier rabbits every year
  • Resources section to help you get started
    From breeder associations to equipment suppliers to DIY plans, this resource section is sure to get you off on the right foot

Just $29.97 will get you all this for a limited time only!! This offer is not available anywhere else.

raising meat rabbits

Bonus ebook #1: What’s for Dinner, Doc? cookbook
Also included is the free bonus eBook What’s for Dinner, Doc?: Eat rabbit meat at least once a week for over a year WITHOUT going CRAZY!!! (a value of $19.97!)

One challenge of raising rabbits is trying to find new recipes to keep yourself from getting bored.

The ebook What’s for Dinner, Doc? contains over 100 of our favorite rabbit recipes, prepared in a variety of ways. Whether you’re entertaining for a crowd or just spending the night in with your family, this ebook has recipes you’ll fall in love with!

Wondering just what sort of recipes we’re talking about? Here’s a few samples:

  • Breakfast: Rabbit Chili Hash with Peppers & Cilantro
  • Appetizers: Buffalo-style Hopping Wings
  • Sandwiches: Rabbit Sandwich Spread
  • Soups, Stews & Chilies: Rabbit Noodle Soup
  • Roasts, Braises & Slow Cooked Oven Meals: Rabbit with Mushrooms & Wine
  • Pasta: Cajun Rabbit Pasta
  • Rabbit & Rice: Scottish Rabbit Curry
  • Casseroles & Meat Pies: Rabbit Pot Pie
  • Grilled Rabbit: Beer-butt Rabbit
  • Fried Rabbit: Heart of Dixie Fried Rabbit
raising rabbits for meat
raising rabbits for meat
Bonus ebook #2: The Ultimate List of Rabbit Breeders
One of the most common questions I am asked by readers is how they can find rabbit breeders in their area. It’s not always easy to locate breeders because many of them do not have websites and some of them don’t even want to be found by the public.

So I decided to put together The Ultimate List of Rabbit Breeders which is yours free when you buy Raising Rabbits to Survive.

This ebook is over 100 pages including full contact information for rabbit breeders across the United States.

Once you selected the perfect breed(s) for your rabbitry, just browse to your state in the list and find breeders in your area.

There’s currently over 800 breeders! You won’t find a list of rabbit breeders like this one anywhere on the Internet. This is a compilation of many months of research.

Bonus ebook #3: Feeding Rabbits Naturally
Feeding Rabbits Naturally (a value of $19.97) is your guide to learning how to feed your rabbits a diet of something beyond the traditional feed pellets. Your rabbits can benefit greatly from foods you may already be growing from yourself. And many times, you could be feeding them garden waste that you wouldn’t eat yourself.

Do you know how a rabbit’s digestive system works? Did you know that it is crucial for a rabbit’s health to have fresh hay to consume on demand? Do you know what protein levels are necessary to maintain healthy growth levels in your rabbits?

Feeding Rabbits Naturally is nearly 100 pages which describe the answers to all of these questions and also outlines all the possibilities available for those who have lots of space to grow crops, or even just a few containers to get started with.

Learn how to create your own feed recipes from grains you grow yourself or purchase locally. Sample recipes are included!

Also included is an extensive list of safe foods for rabbits…as well as things to avoid feeding your rabbits.

  • Grasses & Hays
  • Protein Supplements
  • Herbs (and herbal remedies to maintain healthy rabbits)
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Twigs

Bonus ebook #4: The Rabbit Health Manual
The Rabbit Health Manual (valued at $24.97) is a comprehensive rabbit reference guide, over 70 pages long.

Every disease and problem your rabbit might come up with will be discussed. Plus you will also learn ways to prevent common diseases, the importance of keeping your rabbitry clean and more.

Wondering what medications are safe to give rabbits? Did you know that some antibiotics are toxic to rabbits? The Rabbit Health Manual will tell you exactly what you need to know to get your rabbits healthy again without risking lives.

You’ll also learn how to identify what areas of the rabbit you do not want to eat after disease or injury and what diseases make rabbits inedible. Plus find out what diseases can actually pass from rabbits to humans, and vice versa.

Some of the diseases covered include:

  • Rhinitis (Snuffles)
  • Coccidiosis
  • Mastitis
  • Conjunctivitis (weepy eye)
  • Rabbit Pox
  • Parasites
  • and many more
Bonus ebook #5: Rabbit Profits – More Than Just What’s For Dinner
Are you thinking about raising rabbits for profit, and want to make sure that you don’t end up being harassed by the government?

Rabbit Profits (retail value of $24.97) will not only tell you the steps you need to take to set up your rabbitry as a real business, but also informs you of US laws which you must take into consideration while running your rabbitry.

Are you thinking that the only way to make money from your rabbitry is selling the rabbits themselves or the meat? Think again — there are also other opportunities that you probably haven’t even though of that could help you cover the costs of feeding your rabbits, pay for maintenance and new supplies or even be a nice side income.




“Anyone can be self-sufficient if they truly want it!!”

Dear Tiffany,

I’ve thought about raising chickens, goats and a few other small animals over the years but I just don’t have the space. After I read Raising Rabbits to Survive, I realized I had been looking at the wrong livestock all along!

I’m still living in an apartment in the city, but now I’m producing my own meat in my living room, growing vegetables on my patio and becoming more self-sufficient than I ever thought was possible in such a small space.

Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new way of life!!

Anthony Grigsby -- Atlanta, GA

What’s this going to cost? The entire package is worth nearly $140. But if you click on the shopping cart button below to purchase Raising Rabbits to Survive and all five bonus ebooks NOW, you will pay only $29.97!

After your payment is complete, you will INSTANTLY have access to the ebook Raising Rabbits for Meat!, ALL the bonus materials, The Ultimate Rabbit Breeders List , the What’s for Dinner, Doc? cookbook , Feeding Rabbits Naturally, The Rabbit Health Manual and Rabbit Profits. All for just $29.97 — a 15% discount from the usual price of $34.97!